Jun 18

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma’s “Amulet Mahamudra” (Afternoon session) | The Tenth Meditation


dang por chu dra sok jungwé dra dang sé

And then now the third (3/3) category is:


dang por chu dra sok jungwé dra dang sé

First try to meditate when there is a river flowing, sound of the river flowing. And then simply meditate your mind upon that sound. You know? Nothing to begin with, nothing to end with, simply the continuation of that sound and meditating with that, not relaxing your mind and being chaotic. Okay?

You’re not going to a spa. So in spa they play all this kind of water, waterfall music and sound, you’re not trying to be, being chaotic, that’s a difference. So this is nothing to do with the relaxation. This is a meditation. Relaxation is you make your mind chaotic and then you tell yourself that “I had a great time”. So meditation is, you don’t tell yourself “I had a great time”. So you kind of maintain it. So that’s that.

So when there is a continuation with the sound of the water, then just simply meditating along with the echoing of the sound, without projecting anything from it. You know? Just simply that.
And then eventually once that is little bit more established and then when there’s a large number of people talking, instead of jumping into the idea of what they’re talking about, and then simply meditating on the echo of the conversation of the people. And then eventually, after the third step, is that while you’re talking and then having the continuation of awareness along with it, instead of being distracted with the different opinion. You know?


dé né mi zhen gyi tam mawa la sé té dé dak gi dra lhang lhang ba der hé dé zhak té mik kor chu pao

And then when you’re hearing the sound of echoing of people having a conversation, with the echoing sound and simply the sound itself. And then simply meditating on that. And then just like that’s the tenth cycle.


2. Training in Various Spiritual Activities (3/3) – Tenth Meditation
To begin, join your meditation with the sounds of the elements, such as water. Then join it with the indistinct sound of many people talking together or with ambient noise, such as that of a door opening. Then join it with the sound of another person talking. In each case, settle the mind suspended on the vivid sound.

༄༅། །ཕྱག་ཆེན་གའུ་མའམ་རང་བབས་རྣམ་གསུམ་ཞེས་བྱ་བའི་ཁྲིད་ཡིག་བཞུགས་སོ།།

phyag chen ga’u ma’am rang babs rnam gsum zhes bya ba’i khrid
Instructions for Great Seal of the Amulet Box or The Three Facets of Natural Repose
by Taranata

Niguma’s “Amulet Mahamudra” by Kalu Rinpoche (afternoon session – 26′ 32”)
Kagyu Sukha Chöling – Friday March 11, 2022