Jul 12

Kalu Rinpoche | No grasping, no fear, no expectation

Understanding, that everything is illusion, has many different layers. According to your own accumulation of your own practice.

When you start doing practice and meditation, then you start to recognize the subtle illusion, all the projections of thoughts and all the echoing sounds of everything. Everything is illusion but a genuine push and acceptance is still not there yet.
And then after that, little bit later, slowly as you continue to do yoga practice, meditation practice, deity practice, then you will have a full confirmation genuinely from the heart with the full confidence, that everything is appearance of illusion.
Therefore, there is nothing to move forward, there is nothing to step backward, there is no grasping, there is no fear, and there is no expectation.
At that time there is no expectation, I am very happy and I not asking for anything more. I am genuinely speechless.


Kalu Rinpoche
Q&A Facebook – June 28, 2020
Sunday at 3.30 p.m.