Jan 27

Kalu Rinpoche | On the path to finding the peace of mind | Podcast 05

In this episode, Kalu Rinpoche gives us a teaching on the behaviour to develop to gradually experience some peace of mind. Based on his predecessor and other great master’s books, Kalu Rinpoche offers us the quintessence of his understanding in an informal way, like a private conversation.

Kalu Rinpoche is a buddhist master, the reincarnation from the late Kalu Rinpoche who has brought Buddhism to the West. Kalu Rinpoche travels around the world to teach. Kalu Rinpoche made this podcast so that people could listen to his experience while they are driving, going to sleep or simply starting their day. This is an informal series of teachings close to you.


On the path to finding the peace of mind – Kalu Rinpoche
Spotify – January 27, 2021