Jan 24

Kalu Rinpoche | Perfection of Patience (Part 2)

People think that generosity is important and it is important. But first, you must have the Perfection of Patience. In order to have the Perfection of Patience, you must have wisdom or a sense of clarity of mind. Your clarity of mind comes down to your judgment of reality, what you see about samsara. The more you see about samsara, the less time you waste on the path of the dharma.

When people talk about the Six Perfections they think everything has to go according to a schedule or order. Most of the time it is not like that. For the person who really wants to practice the dharma or are already practicing the authentic dharma, like I said before, you have to do retreat. You have to do retreat at least once on the weekend, a one-day retreat. That will help you a lot. If you are just doing a session practice then you are just thinking that I did my session. I did my daily practice. But if you are doing 20 or 40 minutes then maybe you already wasted thirty minutes being distracted, telling yourself that you are not distracted and you have already reached the end of your session. You don’t want to repeat it again when you realize that you have been distracted from the beginning. Then you say “OK I did my daily practice and I confess.” That does not lead you anywhere. If you keep on lying to yourself starting from there, it will not bring any progress. Instead of just doing the daily practice why not do the daily practice and on the weekend, some retreat.


From my first book < I Am a Lost and Found Buddhist >
Love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche
January 2022