Apr 02

Kalu Rinpoche | Permanent Realization

Having a sense of reflection is not a realization. You have to distinguish that. Many people when they see, in Tibetan we say “Yam”, “Yam” means the sensation of positivity. Sensation of positivity is not a realization. It’s simply a sensation if positivity.

So many individuals they can have an experience, even myself, we all have this positive sensation, but if you are falling into that trap of saying that, “now I have realized.”, and then your pride has won over you. So therefore, understanding the sensation of positivity is not necessarily a realization that is fully established.

Previous Kalu Rinpoche he said this teaching. He said, ‘First, individuals must recognize the state of clarity. Then they must fully have a sense of continuity as much as they can. And then, the realization, the permanent realization will be there.’

Until that moment comes, we must dedicate ourselves with motivation, with the practice, and to dissolve the pride. So that’s that.


Kalu Rinpoche speaks on permanent realization
Sukhasiddhi Foundation
November 2018