Dec 24

Kalu Rinpoche | Q&A Dharma Event – do you think life is dream or illusion

Farmer Sangay: Rinpoche, do you think life is dream or illusion, la?

Kalu Rinpoche: I just don’t want to ruin this beautiful feeling that he have, he have given to all of us, you know?

Life is like an illusion if you don’t have the awareness or the clarity in mind, because we are constantly looking towards, in the future, and losing the clarity and awareness in the present.

And then, so therefore, you know, it is like an illusion, but the most important is: if you be in the state of despair and saying that “everything is like illusion” and be hopeless, again, that’s also not useful. You know?

Everything is like illusion but, but how we utilise and how we bring the sense of awareness, changes our reality and the meaning of life.


H.E. Kalu Rinpoche live with local youth and other individuals co-creating a public spiritual space.
H.E Kalu Rinpoche – Farmer Sangay Q&A Dharma Event (21′ 45”)