Dec 28

Kalu Rinpoche | Q&A Dharma Event – the very definition of the yogi

Farmer Sangay: What about the relationship between the enlightened state and somebody who is constantly happy for no reason, la? Is there any relationship between the emotions, such as sense of awareness of someone being happy, and what is the difference between these two, la?

Kalu Rinpoche: The difference between these two? Are you happy all the time? You seems to be.

Farmer Sangay: Most of the time, la [haha] and the rest of the time I am thinking how happy I am, la [haha]

Kalu Rinpoche: [haha] because, you know, many yogis, many yogis, they live your life, you know? They live your life of simplicity. They carry your philosophy, which is like “The less to do, less to think. Less to think, less to worry. More closer to the enlightenment.” You know? It doesn’t go other way around. [haha]

So I think you have the more right answer than me. I have a Center, I have this, I have this to worry, I have that to worry, you know?

So many yogis, the very definition of the yogi, is a similar concept that you implement, you know? “Simpler life means less to do. Less to do, means less to think. Less to think, means less to worry. Less to worry, means less projection of thoughts in your mind. Less projection of thoughts in your mind, closer to the non-duality state of mind.


H.E. Kalu Rinpoche live with local youth and other individuals co-creating a public spiritual space.
H.E Kalu Rinpoche – Farmer Sangay Q&A Dharma Event (35’ 35”)