Jan 02

Kalu Rinpoche | Q&A Dharma Event – what does it mean by enlightenment (Part 2)

So, but in our life, I think the most important is to develop a sense of awareness, of our, how we use our time, and how we see our life, and what kind of a contribution we can do, you know, to ourself, towards the society, as well as looking after the physical and the mental wellbeing. All these are key elements, you know, because you cannot just hide yourself and just say that “I want to become enlightenment”, you know?

I think some sort of a caring for your physical and the mental wellbeing is very important, you know? Because many people when they think about the meaning of impermanence, they think as a very much with sadness, you know? You know, like “Ah, is everything is impermanence!” with sadness, with great sadness! But actually when you reflect to the meaning of impermanence, you should be even more joyful! More happy! Because you realise something, you know? Much more greater than before.

You know? That’s how I overcome my suffering. Because I gone through a lot of suffering in my life, very intensive suffering. But if I say that “Ah, everything is karma! Everything is impermanent!” if I just sit like that, and not react, and not overcome, I will be still miserable to this day, you know? So how we utilise the Buddhist teaching, not just by belief, but how we utilise it, how we can make ourself more stronger, more clear, more alive, more human, you know? And that makes us better Buddhist. Isn’t it?


H.E. Kalu Rinpoche live with local youth and other individuals co-creating a public spiritual space.
H.E Kalu Rinpoche – Farmer Sangay Q&A Dharma Event (34’ 02”)