Nov 21

Kalu Rinpoche | Recognize the anger as it is (Part 3)

So once you have an understanding that you have been under the influence of the illusion, and you have a self false belief, and when you reach to that conclusion, and then you will be able to overcome the anger itself. If you never recognize the very state of the ignorance, you can never overcome the anger. Because way to overcome the anger, is to recognize the illusion from our ego. If you are unable to recognize the ignorance and the illusion that is inseparably together, if we are unable to overcome that, we are unable to overcome the anger. Because the very existence of the anger is a denial to the reality or exaggerating from what it is, combined together with self-righteousness, and justifying your wrongdoing, even though it is harming people, even though it is intentionally hurting people.

So therefore to overcome the anger, you need to understand that all the emotions that are interrelated. Once you understand that all emotions are interrelated, then you can understand the very reality of the anger. Then when you examine the very existence of the anger, then you see “I” as a false existence, false idea, false idea of the self, but yet I have the self attachment that “I”, so called “I” exist. “Want to”, the meaning of “I want to”, it explains that you have this grasping and attachment to an external object that is no longer exist, that doesn’t exist, but yet you have this illusion and strong attachment combined together that you wanting to control, so that is also false. And believing that there is anger in front of you, there is an anger that you need to control, that is a third false existence, or lack of understanding of the false existence.

So once you understand that, then you can overcome the anger itself. But you need to understand that in order to develop that sense of clarity, you need to have a sense of awareness in your mind. If you have a sense of awareness, then you will have a sense of sharpness in your mind to overcome all these steps. Without any practice, you cannot overcome these challenging negative emotions. And also the positive illusion of the emotions as well. Those two are equal.

So therefore you need to practice deity, you need to accumulate positivity, and then combined together as you continue to practice, then the strength of the awareness of your self, of your action, of your thoughts, will become more established. As that becomes more established, you will be less vulnerable to all the negative projections.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – November 15, 2020