Aug 10

Kalu Rinpoche | Creation and Completion (Session 4) | Recognizing the illusion as an illusion

So now, the next sentence is very beautiful, little bit complex, obviously, from what I understand. So all the creation practice that’s obviously is a duality. All the creation is a duality, it’s not absent from duality. It is duality, because you are putting in effort, you are trying to create, you’re adding the color, imagining, you’re visualizing, it’s an effort.

But it’s a necessary duality. Because by the result of this necessary duality, it brings you to the ultimate level of understanding. It brings you to the fruitful result, or meaningful result, over the time. It will bring you to that destination. So it is a necessary duality.

Like an example, everything is duality around you, right? Everything is a duality, but when we are visualizing deity, visualizing all of these things, it is a necessary duality, to bring ourself into more deeper level.

So we basically, based on the duality practice, or the creativity practice, we are creating, projecting, all this duality practice, the main purpose is to recognizing the illusion as an illusion, and overcoming the reality of the illusion completely! Overcoming completely! If you don’t overcome that completely, little bit like when you are doing a good practice.

Like an example when you do a good running, when you do running, you run for a few kilometers, or you walk for a few kilometers, then after that you say “I did it! Yes that was a good run!” like you go for a cycle, you face difficulty in the first 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour, and then after 1 hour you start to enjoy little bit, and then after 2 hours, 3 hours, then you say, after that you say “I did it! I understood, I understood my body, I understood my capacity, understood!” There’s level of satisfaction in our normal human being.

But in this level of satisfaction, it’s much more subtle. Because here it’s saying about practicing based on the duality in the beginning, so that we can reach to the conclusion closer to the nature of the mind, by seeing the illusion as an illusion. Having that kind of conclusion, if you don’t have that conclusion there, then you cannot recognise the nature of the mind.


Kalu Rinpoche – Jamgon Kongtrul’s Creation and Completion
Zoom – August 8, 2021

“[23] In general, creation stage is a contrivance,
but the path of contrivance leads to the authentic natural state.
With the mental conviction of the lack of reality in the root or ground of deluded grasping to deluded appearance,
resting in a pristine state is completion stage itself, the actual natural state.
The first stage is the provisional meaning and the latter the definitive meaning.”