Sep 16

Kalu Rinpoche | Renunciation and distraction

Question: When you said “find your own version of renunciation“, does it mean that if say, I’m distracted a lot. So, for now, my own version of renunciation would be to renounce that distraction? Is my understanding correct?

Kalu Rinpoche: Hello, good morning everyone, I’m just going to answer to this particular individual who has asked me that question.

So my answer to that is, the renunciation and the distraction as you see it as a weakness. But the distraction itself is a very wide topic and also it is a long term challenge or difficulty that we need to overcome over the time, but not momentarily.

But what causes the distraction is the main question. What causes the distraction? Based on what particular? So try to understand that before you try to blame on the idea of the distraction. Because it’s very easy to say “distraction is bad”, it makes us feel good temporarily, but it does not give any solution in the long run. It does not improve the clarity in the mind as a practitioner.

So therefore, the question should be, not “the distraction is good or bad?”, or “should we avoid it or should we overcome, or should we face it?” none of that. It is more to do with “what is the cause of the distraction? What is my particular cause of my distraction in this very moment?” try to analyze that first.

And if it’s based on the desire, if it’s based on the attachment, if it’s based on anger, if it’s based on jealousy, then try to examine that jealousy, try to examine that anger. And then your investigation approach of your mind goes more into a subtle, subtle, subtle, subtle, subtle, and the strength of analyzing, analyzing these things will become brighter and brighter, brighter, not based on your self-righteousness, but rather on the very calm, genuine attitude and the perception combined together, which requires meditation, shamatha, vipassana.

Or simply like a Niguma practice, you breathe out, you breathe in, you don’t count, but you keep your mind within the air, not before the air, not after the air, just synchronizing with the air and without counting. That’s the solution. Okay?

Many good wishes to everyone, and tashi delek. And if you have any other questions, anybody, feel free to ask, okay?


Kalu Rinpoche – 13 September 2021
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