Jun 04

Kalu Rinpoche | Renunciation

Q: Rinpoche la, can you speak about renunciation?

A: I think that like I said a few days ago, the renunciation and abandoning worldly necessities and materialism, that kind of realization, that absolute realization will come very very very slowly. Like what Buddha did. Like an example, ‘Oh! I will abandon all worldly things’, right? So then he dedicated himself to 6 years of extreme meditation, right? For us, renunciation and abandoning worldly things and also abandoning materialism perspective as well will take time.

Because it’s like this. … Our attachment to the samsara is like a cloud, like a very very thick cloud. And our will, our dedication, and our commitment are like an airplane. In order to make the airplane completely stable, you have to reach an altitude of 40,000 feet. For the international airplanes, you cannot be stable and fly to your destination at a very low altitude. If you’re at low altitude, you will burn more gas, you will have more air resistance, and you will take more time, even if you have the biggest airplane. You have to go to the highest altitude in order to stabilize your fuel, your time, your distance, and also to face less turbulence, don’t you? So if we are having this understanding about the samsara, it’s a little bit like clouds, that we just have to see once and in a while, and then we just keep on going. A little bit like if we cannot have the samsara worldly attachment always with us at all times.

But we must reflect on the meaning of samsara at all times when we are practicing dharma.

Because many individuals think that thinking about samsara one or two times is more than enough. But in fact, in reality, it is not. We must constantly remind ourselves of the meaning of renunciation and the meaning of samsara just as we do the chanting, mantras, prayers, and dedications. That can really trigger us from the bottom of our hearts to continue with that long journey. So, that’s that. I think that I’ve answered your question at the moment.


With love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche
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