Jun 14

Kalu Rinpoche | Saga Dawa Düchen 2022

Wishing you a most auspicious day today on this Dharma wheel day.

In words borrowed directly from Niguma’s aspiration prayer:
Now and in all your lives, when studying, teaching, meditating, or practicing, may you never encounter corrupt teachers, or likewise inferior gurus, evil companions, or ignoble sponsors, but rely on excellent gurus and thus attain enlightenment swiftly for the benefit of all.

Furthermore… In all your lives, may you always be born into good families, enjoy freedom from illness, and be endowed with a lovely voice, a beautiful form, charisma and personal power, so that you may spontaneously be assured of longevity, retinue, wealth, and spiritual teachings, and be revered by all. In all your lifetimes, under whatever circumstances you are reborn, when beings see you, hear you, think of you, or touch you, may they find you beautiful and attractive, unable to take their eyes off you, and so may you be free of disharmonious situations and be in harmony with all.

May you train alongside friends who seek to help you, and may the actions of your bodies, speech, and minds be joined in the same aspiration, and from this time forth may we never be spiritually separated for an instant, but enjoy the abundant wellbeing and happiness of pure perception and clear view… Sharing it with the world and making it a better place for one and all.

Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – June 14, 2022