Jan 29

Kalu Rinpoche | Self-awareness (Part 1)

Q: I would be happy if Rinpoche could elaborate more about self-awareness

A: Okay. So self-awareness has a different layer, and different, let’s put it like this, different volume.

Because many people when they talk about awareness, or the self-awareness, they go in this direction of being completely vigilant, very uptight, and being very vigilant and very much like a militaristic attitude – and that is incorrect. That is not awareness. That is just simply being vigilant. For some practitioners, it may be helpful, but it is not necessarily the awareness of the meditation quality of mind, let’s put it like this.

So therefore there’s the very, there’s a difference between being vigilant and then there’s a difference between completely focused, like extremely focused, with a sense of intensity, and then there’s also awareness, and then there’s a profound awareness, and the subtle awareness. So it has a different distinction, that you need to discover by yourself as you continue to progress with your practice over the time. So that is very important.

It is not just, just like what we describe in life, it’s not simple like that. So therefore, even in a meaning of awareness, it has a different layer, it has a different meaning and some of them, in terms of word, it sounds very, it sounds very much like connected or relevant, but it is completely separate.

Like an example, being focused, like an example if you’re shooting an arrow, with an archer and an arrow, your mind is focused, but there is a sense of intense state of mind, there’s a sense of full concentration, and it is still, it is perfect, and beautiful in its own form, but it is not awareness of the mind.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 23 January 2022 (10’20”)

To be continued…