Feb 01

Kalu Rinpoche | Self-awareness (Part 2)

So the awareness of the mind, not only what is appeared to be the projection of thoughts, but also the awareness means awareness of oneself, and awareness of oneself also can go in a different layer, from my personal experience.

Like an example, “personal awareness”, or “self-awareness”, sometimes, if we judge ourselves too much, and then again, bringing ourself in a good balance, that’s also self-awareness. And being “self-righteousness” with your dharma and philosophical ideas and putting that ideology on other people’s mind and then forcing them and so on, you know, that’s also lack of awareness.

So from the appearance, it looks like “hum, you are Buddhist master, oh, you are Buddhist practitioner, you may have a self-awareness all the time”. So it may appear like that, but it can be a cause, it can be an issue, it can be a problem if you are not aware of the true definition of self-awareness.

So awareness is not simply to being watchful, but it is also to bring balance in your mind. So that is the understanding of the awareness, that’s number one.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 23 January 2022 (12’40”)

To be continued…