Feb 07

Kalu Rinpoche | Self-awareness (Part 5)

Self-awareness is like that. You cannot “grasp” it, you cannot “bring” it down to you, you have to develop, you have to develop it. You have to discover glimpse after glimpse, and then you have to develop it along with your spiritual journey. And then all the subtle distinction, you have to discover it, you know?

And superficial balance is not the true balance. A genuine balance is awareness of all the projection of thoughts, without any judgemental perception. And also perception of self, you know, awareness of the perception of self, and then also the illusion, the state of the mind, and awareness of all of these, makes you a genuine practitioner. But if you try too hard to be that, it doesn’t work.

So therefore, in order to reach that, the key is to practice simply, with principle. If you practice simply, without principle, it can lead to ignorant. Practice simply, with principle.

The principle is bodhicitta, loving kindness, compassion. All these are very important to develop such a profound clarity state of mind, so that we overcome our self-fixation, which is the true cause of all the suffering. But blaming the self-fixation, little bit like “you are bad person, I beat you!” you know? “You are terrible person, I punish you”. If you’re using that kind of method, like punishing yourself, and punishing your fixation, it is not going to work. It is not how you overcome, you know?

So having a sense of broader understanding is very important.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 23 January 2022 (17’ 30”)

To be continued…