Feb 08

Kalu Rinpoche | Song of Mindfulness

Past and future struggle to prove their existence,
but never forget recognizing the present.
Time itself is nothing but an illusion,
do not fantasize but simply apply mindfulness.

Obedience and humbleness are different in nature,
recognize the difference by connecting to your inner self.
Never practice out of obligation,
Practice to make yourself feel free and balanced.

Walk in life with discipline and kindness,
considering all the sentient beings as a whole family.
But surrounding yourself with fewest people.
because friend can become enemy and enemy becomes friend.

Fulfill people’s wishes,
but not waste your time to feed their ignorance.
When you feel isolated,
visualize yourself on the top of a beautiful snow mountain,
or visualize the limitless view of the sea with the sun above,
then let wisdom appears by itself.

Set a long-term goal and make it vast,
but practice it as if living the last day of your life.
Meditate without force or plan.
Live with mindfulness.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
April 2017