Aug 09

Kalu Rinpoche | The Five Dakinis (Afternoon session – Joyful disciplined mind)

But in order to have the result of the creation and completion of the deity or non-deity, whatever you like to call it, you need to have a discipline. Being chaotic mind and chaotic behavior does not make you reach anywhere.

Definition of chaotic, it means not able to commit with one practice and want to touch everything, everywhere. That’s chaotic, it’s not negative but you never move on. You keep the same habit, you stay the same, you tend to touch everywhere. And so, that’s chaotic. Chaotic or not does not mean that is always bad and harmful. You can also be spiritually chaotic. As well as a samsaric chaotic, it can be also spiritually chaotic. If you don’t have a sense of understanding of oneself and if you don’t have a sense of discipline or commitment.

So it’s not a new way of explaining things, it’s been there since Khyungpo Naljor, you know? Because when Khyungpo Naljor arrived in India, Dordje Dempa said to him that “from the land of unfortunate, such a fortunate being that you have arrived, that you have committed”. The reason that he called it “unfortunate land”, little bit like an insult, is because back then everybody is kind of, have a little bit of fantasy about Buddhism and Vajrayana, little bit here and there. And then everybody want to practice everything and then not really being committed and not really succeeding to anything. You know? So therefore, he said that “you, from that unfortunate land, you have shown determination to be here, to receive teachings, to be committed”. So yeah.

So, you know, meaning of the disciplined mind doesn’t mean that you have to be very stiff and rigid mindset either. It can be joyful disciplined mind. It depends on how you perceive it and how you understand yourself and how you see the purpose and the meaning of your life as well as the practice combined together. If you don’t understand enough then the discipline becomes very stiff and rigid and unhappy about everything you do. Then the Dharma becomes a little bit like a cultural obligation. So you are not free to practice. Your mind becomes very stiff. That kind of discipline is unnecessary, it’s not needed.


Torma Offering to the Dakinis of the Five Classes Just for Regular Practice
Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
Paldenshangpa La Boulaye France
DAY 1 – June 27, 2022 – Afternoon session 9′ 55” (7/10)

To be continued …