Aug 04

Kalu Rinpoche | The Five Dakinis (Morning session – Understanding the reality of suffering)

So therefore in order to generate compassion, many of us we say “Why I’m not compassionate? I want to be more compassionate.” You cannot be compassionate without an understanding of the reality of the suffering. So you cannot see the reality of the suffering if you have an attachment to oneself because you justify everything. You justify everything that you’re doing, you justify everything that you are, whether it’s aggression act, whether it’s a lie, whether it’s a pretentious act, whether it’s a manipulation, whether it’s a deceiving other people. So you justify everything. So with the attachment of self, and then you create an illusion of self, an illusion of the reality. Then you don’t see the reality of the suffering anymore. And it’s very like facing against the wall. So therefore it’s very, very difficult to see the reality of the suffering much more than the practicing the dharma itself. So seeing the reality of suffering is very important but not in a state of despair, so yeah.

Like an example, the history of the Buddha Shakyamuni, when you see the reality of the attachment and the fragileness of the life, you just need to see one time of the reality of the suffering and that’s enough to make you change of the path of your life. But when you have a lack of understanding of oneself, no matter how many things that we witness, it’s very difficult to change your heart. We see much more in our tablet and the reality of the suffering in this world, probably billion or trillion times more than the Buddha he ever did.

But yet do to the justification of our attachment in everything, even if we see. Like an example the current war that is happening or famine that is happening, we get little bit emotionally linked temporarily because we see human to human but then again that is also gone over the time. So therefore the point is that Buddha Shakyamuni, he contemplated the meaning of the life, the meaning of suffering in oneself, much more than experiencing or seeing externally. He saw his palace, his city, and how the people are going through life and death and so on. Needs to only one time to see the reality of suffering externally as an example. Internally understanding one’s own mind is far more important.

So therefore, with that sort of understanding, eventually that is our goal, not a preliminary, that is our goal. So in order to achieve that goal, we need to create a space in our mind. Because right now our mind is congested. So we need to create that space. In order to create that space then we have to practice.


Torma Offering to the Dakinis of the Five Classes Just for Regular Practice
Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
Paldenshangpa La Boulaye France
DAY 1 – June 27, 2022 – Morning session 18′ 42” (2/10)

To be continued …