Feb 27

Kalu Rinpoche | The ongoing war in Ukraine – Продолжающаяся война в Украине

Hello, Tashi delek. This is Kalu Rinpoche, and I just want to keep this video very short and simple.

It is about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

When I witness women and children, and especially kids in the kindergarten being bombed and killed, including the childrens hospitals, I could not sit back and say “that is not my responsibility”. I could not sit back and say “there’s nothing I can do”. I could not say “that is not my nation”, or “not a human being”. All these are human beings, regardless of the different ages, all of them are there suffering currently, especially in Ukraine right now.

So therefore, from the Kalu Foundation, we have donated certain funds to the charitable organizations, that are providing foods and blankets, and some sort of resources to the refugees, the Ukrainian refugees that are currently in the border.

I just want to say that, please:
– If you have a capacity to donate, please do donate.
– If you don’t have a capacity to donate, please bring awareness to any sort of charitable organisation that does the actual work and making the difference on the ground.
– And if you don’t have that capacity, just please make a prayer.

And I want to say thank you for listening to my message. All the best and many Tashi delek.


Kalu Rinpoche – Facebook Stories – February 27, 2022

Kalu Foundation for Ukraine

* All funds collected for Ukraine via Dharmapala Association (via PayPal or via your donator account or via bank transfer) will be entirely donated to Kalu Fondation for Ukraine.