Nov 06

Kalu Rinpoche | The Purpose of Solitude Retreat

Many of us, we think that we need the devotion. We hear that all the time. We go to this dharma center, we go to that dharma center. They tell you that you need to have a devotion. You need to have a faith in the Buddha dharma. You need to have a faith in Lord Buddha’s teaching. You have to be compassionate. We hear that all the time. It sounds very perfect. It sounds very beautiful. It goes right into our heart, for a moment.

But then we don’t know how to really bring it up when we are in our own apartments. Or we don’t know how to guide ourselves. We don’t how to protect ourselves when we’re having an argument with other dharma brothers and sisters. We are in that kind of difficulties constantly.

We are told to believe in beautiful things. And of course, it is very beautiful to think. And it’s easy to think when we’re in the dharma centers, because the lama is sitting on the top of the throne and then you’re with other people who are doing all the best to discipline themselves during that session, which is perfect, you know. You hear beautiful words. It’s so easy to accept many things, because everybody looks quite happy, smiling, showing their best expression, and, you just go along with it. But then when you go back to your apartment, when you go back to your daily life, then we lack of principle, we lack of the small adjustment.

You know, we were told to believe in big things, but we’re not told how to manage it gradually. We are told that believing all sentient beings, be compassionate to all the sentient beings. And then you have to keep your commitment about the Bodhicitta at all time , three times a day, three times a night. Or you should not even think about even the slightest negativity about your guru. You have to compare your guru to the Buddha himself when it comes to kindness, when it comes to generosity, when it comes to love, when it comes to the principle. We are told to believe these things. These are perfect. These are perfect principle. These are perfect teachings from the highly realized being. These are perfect. Nothing is wrong.

But for ourselves as a practitioner, we have to go minute by minute, section by section, and month by month, and then slowly solitude retreat. I do not have an easy option. Because if I have succeeded the dharma practice like the way you’re doing right now, then I may have an option to share. Like, I go for work, come back and then plus sharing my experience if I have…if I have obtained such great quality with the dharma, or realization, whatever, by choosing something like the lifestyle that the ordinary people have. Then I don’t think I can have the understanding that what I have right now.

Because the thing is, when you’re in the solitude retreat, first stage is that you yourself realizing where you are, and then slowly with the environment and surrounding giving an impact, and minimizing your NYAMTOK(Tibetan), or the reflection of your mind. And when you minimize that, based on the environment that you are in, and then your mind and your habit goes along with it. And then when you start your practice, or your spiritual journey, and then your mind becomes shaper. Your mind becomes more precise. Because if you are a practitioner that goes like, you know, ‘I do whatever I want, I say whatever I want, I think whatever I want’, then you will never reach anywhere. But in order to have a mind with the precision, it takes a solitude retreat. That is the complete honesty that I want to share with you.

You know, because without the solitude retreat, nothing works. Even me. I’m named and given title as a reincarnation as Kalu Rinpoche. I had so many opportunities to meet so many different masters, the moment I was enthroned and before that, and up to untill now. I had so many opportunities. And I will still have all these opportunities. But at the end of the day, you have to put an effort. In order to put an effort, you need to choose an environment, or you have to create your own environment. At least you have to create your environment section by section. And then our goal is to have a mind that comes with self-awareness and precision.


With Love and Respect from Kalu Rinpoche
22th, Sep. 2018 @ Vancouver, Canada