Jun 18

Kalu Rinpoche | The purpose of the Niguma yoga (Part 1)

I did some study, I did some research about the Niguma yoga, why it is secret, or should it remain secret? Because that’s the two things that I have in my mind. Because if it is so great, why don’t we just give it to people, let them practice, guide them properly, make it happen, because the yoga is to combine the body and mind.

Keep in mind this is not a Hollywood yoga, this is not California in front of the beach with a yoga pant and relaxing. Make sure you do not misunderstand. It has a similar name, but this is not even close to where we are going direction.

The purpose of this Niguma yoga is going to be little bit long, I’m just going to take your time. So the purpose of the Niguma yoga is to liberate ourself from the fixation mind. Forget about the ordinary mind, forget about the ordinary challenges, this is about the very fixation. Fixation to the religious ideas, fixation to the external world, or any sort of fixation. The purpose of the Niguma yoga, Niguma is a great mahasiddha, the queen of all the dakinis. She demonstrated this yoga to benefit all the sentient beings so we can rapidly overcome from the cycle of illusion. So that’s one thing that you have to keep in mind, the origin.

And then, coming back to this yoga, the yoga, purpose of this Niguma yoga, is to overcome our fixation and contemplate with our body and mind together, because in our body we have negative air (neun mong lung, absence of clarity air) and positive air (yeshe lung, wisdom air). The negative air is not even close to the idea of negative, what we think as a negative, okay? When we think about negative, is “somebody talking bad to us, I’m very sad, negative”, that’s a piece of shit, that’s nothing. What I’m talking about, negative, means absent from clarity. That is a definition of negative. Okay? Make that very clear understanding.

Negative does not mean, in this level of negativity, does not mean the wrong speech, and somebody criticizing you, you feeling bad, and good, and ignorant about it, lazy about it, all these things, this is not what we are talking about. So this negativity, negative air, means absent from the clarity state of mind. Or the possibility to have a clarity state of mind.

So there’s a wisdom air. Wisdom air. We, as a human being, we breathe 21,000 or 22,000 air, every day. And within that, then there’s a wisdom air, we breathe in few thousand. The wisdom air is something, like an example when we are breathing through our nose, when we breathing negative air, the two of the air, one is little bit less strength, and one has more strength. Wisdom air has a strength in both when you are breathing out from your nose.

And this is not my made up theory. This is from the Gyu De Lha Nga (Five Deity Tantra) teachings, and many other teachings if you just study little bit. So our purpose is that as we do the yoga, is to untie ourselves from the negative air, transform it into the positive air, so that we can go to the higher level of recognizing the nature of mind, or the possibility to recognize the nature of the mind.

So the yoga is not the practice on its own, yoga is part of the tool that creates a higher circumstance to recognize the nature of the mind. Okay? So that’s very important to keep in mind. You understand?


Kalu Rinpoche
Niguma’s yoga – Paldenshangpa La Boulaye France – June 11, 2021

To be continued…