Jan 09

Kalu Rinpoche | The True Meaning of Dharma

Q: Everybody is talking we have to practice dharma. Actually, what is the meaning of dharma? Please can you explain, what is the actual meaning of dharma?

A: The definition of the true meaning of Dharma itself is being in this particular moment. Being in this particular moment does not mean the empty emptiness. Being in this particular moment, the dharma itself, the definition of the true meaning of the dharma, is recognizing the true nature of mind, and then being present and having a sensation of emptiness, but not really a numb emptiness, and then having a sense of clarity, and recognizing that. And that is the true definition of Dharma.

But in order to recognize the nature of mind, or the Buddha nature, like they say that the nature of mind does not have a religion, does not have some kind of a custom. It is what it is. But in order to recognize the state of nature of mind itself, there’s a certain preparation that we have to apply as a human being, as a practitioner. Because of course we have arrogant, we have ignorance as well. And to have a sense of humbleness and sense of honesty is very very important.

Like people who they say that ‘Oh, this person is sitting all the way to the corner of the temple. Oh! This person must be very humble. ’ We have all this kind of imagination. But the person who is sitting a very much lower next to the door and the person who’s sitting up in a higher position, I don’t think there’s a difference between these two. Because when the pride is there, it is very tricky. The pride is like this. When you sit in a higher position and then when people respect you and giving you all this kind of a respectful gesture and then you feel like ‘Oh! I’m so special. Oh! I’m a holy being. Oh! therefore I’m a great realized being. I think so, I know so’, etc. like that. And then somebody who’s trying to be so humble and then that person it can be equally proud as the person who’s sitting in the highest position. That person must be saying, ‘oh! I’m so humble. I’m so humble that I deserve a recognition by people’. And that is still illusion. That is an illusion of your pride.

So therefore, recognizing the pride itself and having a sense of honesty is very important. And then the nature of mind can be a next subject gradually.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
5th. Dec. 2018 Live Q&A