Feb 16

Kalu Rinpoche | The true nature of our mind (Part 1)

Q: What is the true nature of our mind? Is it a matter or an energy?

A: I’m not a scientist and I will not pretend to be one, let’s be clear from the beginning. What I know and what I read from the text and the teachings of my predecessor, is the nature of the mind itself, the way to recognize. Number one is way to recognize the nature of the mind, and the nature of the mind itself. So there’s two things, okay? So way to recognize the nature of the mind, and the nature of the mind itself.

Way to recognize the nature of the mind is from my predecessor’s teachings. He said “Ma Yen Mi Gom Zeu Me“. “Ma Yen” means no distraction, “Mi Gom” means no meditation, “Zeu Me” means no alteration, no editing, basically.

So “Ma Yen“: no distraction.

Mi Gom” means no meditation. If you are trying to meditate, then you are projecting from your mind. You are projecting something. It can be shape of any kind of form, whether it’s positive or negative, doesn’t matter. You are projecting. If you are projecting with your ideas and your imagination, you are not being present. Because anything you create from your mind is already past. And the very present that you are experiencing is also past. It is not something there, permanently waiting for you.

So therefore, “Ma Yen” means no distraction. The meaning of no distraction, means having a state of awakened mindset. Sense of full, and completely calm state of awareness. That’s number one: “Ma Yen“.

Mi Gom” means no projection from your mind. It doesn’t mean don’t meditate. If you try to meditate, if you are trying to create something from your mind, and then that is a duality. If that is a duality, then you are no longer present. If you are no longer present, then you are not recognizing the nature of the mind. It is simply an imagination.

And then, “Zeu Me” means editing. “Oh maybe it’s like this, maybe it’s like that, maybe the nature of the mind is like this, like that”, alternating. Editing too much is also not the nature of the mind.

So these are the three fault that we always have, and we must overcome.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 15 November 2020


To be continued…