Feb 18

Kalu Rinpoche | The true nature of our mind (Part 2)

What is the nature of the mind itself? The nature of the mind itself is a state of the clarity, number one, state of the clarity. The state of the clarity, the very definition of the state of the clarity, is a pure and profound awareness. Pure and profound awareness. At the same time.

And then at the same time, the state of knowing. State of knowing. Like an example, when we touch something in our hand, we feel our fingers, we feel our skin, we feel the hair, we feel the different shapes, right? And you are, you have this tendency that “Ah, I am feeling my own hand, I am touching my own shape of my hand”.

But every singular moment of that is not. You are having an imagination. You are projecting. You are experiencing it. You are not in that moment. You are always in the stage of uploading in your mind, that “Ah, this is like this, this is my hand, this is the building, this is a mountain, this is a tree, this is Kalu Rinpoche, he’s wearing a jacket, he has a light set up, he is doing a live teaching”.

All these are, may not be extremely harmful, but these are still pollution of your mind. And you think you are present, but you are not present. You are constantly surrounded and mold, with all the projection of thoughts.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 15 November 2020


To be continued…