Feb 22

Kalu Rinpoche | The true nature of our mind (Part 3)

So, state of the clarity, and state of knowing. State of knowing means simply in a state of knowing. Having an awareness with a profound clarity, at the same time, in a state of truly knowing. Truly knowing.

Meaning of truly knowing, means not getting to the idea of what is next, but simply being now. Not trying to be present. Not trying to create the projection of idea, “how it is the present” or “way to be present” or “should be present”, “like this or like that”. Beyond that. Simply being in the state of knowing.

And then, the state of transparency. “Ma Gal Pa”. “Ma Gal Pa” means there’s no sense of blockade. So when there is a very moment of projection of mind, you are in the state of transmitting so many things of projection of thoughts and you are not experiencing the present itself. So therefore you are absent from the present. When you are in the state of the nature of the mind, you are slightly absent from all the projection of thoughts, at least the impact of all the projection of thoughts.

So like Thangtong Gyalpo said, I always like to repeat this, his teachings. He said that “All the projection of thoughts that you are currently experiencing it, is already past. But the next projection of thoughts is about arise. Between that, there is a gap. And that gap has a state of the clarity, state of knowing, state of transparency. ” Way to approach that is – no distraction, no meditating or no projecting, and then no altercation.

So that’s that. So now you can go ahead and make an expensive book by yourself and make a lot of money to yourself, and say “Oh, look at me, I recognize the nature of the mind, where other people haven’t”. That’s just a joke, if you haven’t catch it.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 15 November 2020