Sep 30

Kalu Rinpoche | Thoughts on Reincarnation

Some people when they talk about samsara, would say that ‘Oh I have realized the samsara, and therefore I have understood everything, and it is something that I do not have to think all the time, and I just have to practice the Dharma.’ And that is where we are often wrong, because the reflection of the samsara is as much important as the chanting and the commitment that we have with the Dharma in daily base. So, that is one thing we have to keep in mind.

If you look at the history of Milarepa, you know, he was constantly reflecting himself the reality of the samsara. And on the top of that, that he wants to practice the Dharma, that he wants to receive the teachings desperately, impatiently. And then after he received the teachings from the Marpa, and then he practiced with such great joy, and yet at the same time, with such respect and devotion. And that is the example that we need to follow.

Love and respect from your Kalu Rimpoche