Mar 08

Kalu Rinpoche | Three stages when implementing the meaning of impermanence

The meaning of impermanence is to have a sense of distance from your self-clinging. So therefore, there can be three stage.

First is, everything pleasant that we taste, smell, hear, instead of extremely grasping and saying ‘Oh, I want more!’, instead of running after more ,try to remind yourself, ‘Everything that I’ve smelled or heard or taste or felt, all that experience that I really believe very much pleasant, that is already passed.’ So, start with sensation of the physical form, and having this kind of a very gentle touch with your way of implementing, I think that will be much helpful.

And then try to implement that in examining the projection of thoughts. Where is the projection of thoughts? What’s the projection of thoughts? And what is the shape of the projection of thoughts? When it does appear? Where does it appear from? And when the projection dissolves, where does it dissolve? Just genuinely observe that. When you have this kind of realization, there is no such projection of thoughts that exist in this very rigid form.

When you accumulate such mindset like that, and then when there’s such big anger arises, and then you will be able to say, ‘This anger is not a solution. I should overcome this very sensation of emotion of anger.’ And when you have this gentle growth, and then when you face anger, you don’t have this idea of ‘This anger is bad’ or “Anger is good’. Your judgment becomes very clear and will offer you part of the solution.

Then you will have a capacity to overcome…… out of hundred, maybe 20 times to overcome your anger, sadness, loneliness, or other difficult challenges.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
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26th. Jan. 2020