Dec 03

Kalu Rinpoche | To overcome your distraction

Many people when they think about the distraction, they think something really big out there is distraction, something very little is not distraction. But in reality, both are distraction. The common thing between these two is that your mind is not in the practice. That’s it.

Many people, they compromise themselves, when they see themselves, like an example “Oh yes, I used to be distracted in that level, and now I think I am doing better, and now I’m distracted little bit, but it’s okay.” But both of them are distraction, regardless of a big activity of distraction, whether it’s a simply sitting distraction. Both are distraction. Distraction doesn’t define by less, by meditating more, by external physical activity. In general, all is distraction.

So therefore, we should not have this mindset of “I recognize my distraction” or “I have achieved myself that I recognize distraction”, “I have overcome my distraction”. That sense of shortsighted mind towards the distraction has to abandon first. Because distraction is not going to go away just because you know it over a night.

So first it starts with a more rigid form of distraction, and then it goes more into a subtle distraction. And you need to have this long fight mentality. If you have a short fight mentality, then you are bound to be disappointed. You need to have a long fight mentality and just see the reality of the distraction as it is.

And then on top of that, like when you go to work, whole day, you come back, you want to listen to music, you want to talk with your boyfriend, girlfriend, your coworker, family member, children, yeah, that’s also ordinary distraction. But you should not make a judgement and say that “Oh this is distraction, distraction, distraction” many people they make a guilty to themselves. That doesn’t help.

So first you need to start somewhere. You need to start somewhere. Start meditation practice, start visualization practice, or based on some form of rigid. And then gradually, some qualities to overcome your distraction will come naturally. But if you jump empty handed, then you are bound to be disappointed.

So have a long-term perception.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
SANGYÉ TÖNPA encourages himself to be diligent (Shangpa Gurtso)
Palden Shangpa La Boulaye – September 26, 2020