Apr 13

Kalu Rinpoche | Transforming Our Ordinary Emotion to Clarity (Part 10)

This is where I have to be careful. Meanwhile I am promoting the meaning of generosity, it does not mean that I am asking for your money. Okay? The practice of generosity has absolutely nothing to do with the currency around the world. Okay? It does not matter the social status or the religious status. It doesn’t matter the object that you give.

Because the practice of generosity, there is a social generous activity and there is a spiritual generosity practice. These are slightly two different things, not the same. You know? Of course there are so many different kind of generosity.

But for the one, liberation to oneself, in order to benefit other sentient beings, there’s a little bit different from the social generosity, like an example, the humanitarian or the medical helps and all that things. And we should engage in our, the social activity as much as we can. That is slightly different, doesn’t mean it is less important.

The practice of generosity in the spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with the currency, or the money or the amount or the size of anything.

If you are just simply trying to help other people, then you’re just simply trying to help other people to make them change their life, to donate so that they can live by the day or live by the week so they can survive in the street, you know, so on and so on. Maybe you help some educational system that you need to promote and make more awareness and so on, it is also the act of generosity, act of kindness.

But in order to understand genuinely the spirituality of generosity, is to develop the generosity of the visualization; that is important.


Transforming Our Ordinary Emotion to Clarity by Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
Hawaiï Association of International Buddhists – Saturday, Feb 19, 2022 (40′ 26”)

To be continued …