Feb 23

Kalu Rinpoche | Transforming Our Ordinary Emotion to Clarity (Part 3)

And when I say about the attachment, attachment, the very existence of the attachment comes from the self-fixation.

The self-fixation comes from the state of the unknown, or the state of the ignorance. The state of the ignorance does not mean that you are more stupid than other people. The state of the ignorance, the state of the unknown, it simply means the absence of the clarity. When we have an absence of the clarity, then you have absence of the wisdom. When you have absence of the wisdom then you have lack of understanding of what is the true meaning of joy and happiness. Because your mind is constantly moving all the time, there’s a lack of foundation.

So the true definition of happiness, is not depending on anything, absolutely nothing, is the true understanding of happiness. If your happiness has to be based on many materialistic that is temporary, that is happiness, but that is temporary. So ultimate happiness is to have absolutely without any dependency, is the true happiness. In order to understand that, you must understand the attachment, and then you must understand the fixation.

In order to understand these challenges, you must practice. Without practice, there’s no shortcut.


Transforming Our Ordinary Emotion to Clarity by Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
Hawaiï Association of International Buddhists – Saturday, Feb 19, 2022

To be continued …