Sep 17

Kalu Rinpoche | Genuine Compassion is without self-righteousness

Genuine compassion is without self-righteousness.

We as human beings have so many different traditions, cultures and also different spiritual beliefs and perspectives. The common ground is having growth in wisdom and peace in our mind. Therefore having great understanding of compassion and wisdom is necessary.

We often think being compassionate is necessary, but if we don’t recognize our ignorance or lack of self-reflection, even the compassionate, positive state of mind can still be manipulated in the wrong way. The proper step is to practice compassion through visualization and accumulate a sense of stability. The natural compassionate or natural reaction to benefit others in reality not just in prayers will come by itself. Please remember compassion itself is a state of realization by minimizing ignorance and by accumulating sense of self-reflection. The definition of self-reflection is seeing or looking at the state of mind with a calm attitude, clearly without strong sense of obligation (I need this or that), and a sensation of detachment but yet very stable and clear.

To summarize, practicing compassion through the visualization with your choice and wisdom will find a solution to benefit others, and give you courage to continue. Genuine compassion is without self-righteousness because your state of mind is beyond worldly illusion or influence. With that, then it is the right time, or you are the right person to benefit others and can help others.


Love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche
Sep. 2019