Nov 08

Kalu Rinpoche | Tsawe-Lama (Part 4) – The meaning of the Guru

When you find the real Guru, you do everything, whatever they ask you to do, because they literally tell nothing! They tell you nothing! You know. They tell you to practice, they tell you to be kind, to be honest, sincere, practice what you can. And at the end, they tell you nothing. And that is the, you know, the meaning of the Guru.

Like an example, you know, some people when they, some people when they come to me, they say “oh I cannot do this, I cannot do that” and I say “fine, just do whatever you want” you know? I don’t give them this religious, entitled position, you know, judgment “oh I’m Kalu Rinpoche, if you don’t do this, and then you know, then you are broken the samaya!! Or you go to vajra hell!” I mean, I couldn’t stop laughing to myself if I start saying things like that, you know?

That’s why I tell my, you know, my Dharma practitioners, you know, I said to them, you know, some of them Lamas, some of them, monks, some of them they are just in our, in our network, and I tell them very clearly, I say “if you’re a monk, that’s very good, be sincere, be honest. Very good. If you’re not a monk, you know, be honest to yourself, be in a position of, to serve the Dharma, to people, to yourself, to the center, and to our community, you know. Don’t try to pretend in between. If you can be a genuine monk, that’s very good. I will make my prostration to you. If you cannot, then don’t mislead people. Regardless of your title. I don’t give a damn.” You know?


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 23 October 2022 (1h 02′ 23”)

To be continued …