May 01

Kalu Rinpoche | Upcoming Sunday Facebook livestream (2nd May, 3:30pm Berlin time)

Hello to my Dharma brothers and sisters around the world,

Many many people are going through suffering in this pandemic, especially in India and Brazil, with high cases of death and suffering.

Therefore in this upcoming Sunday Facebook livestream (2nd May, 3:30pm Berlin time), instead of teaching, I am requesting everyone to join with me to make a Chenrezig practice.

If you wish to get the text, please download text in your own language.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, many Tashi Delek everyone.

With love and respect,
Kalu Rinpoche


6:30am Vancouver time
9:30am NYC time
10:30am Brazil time
2:30pm UK time
7:00pm India time
7:30pm Bhutan time
7:15pm Nepal time
9:30pm Hong Kong time
11:30pm Sydney Time