Feb 07

Kalu Rinpoche | Vajra pride

Q: Hey Rinpoche, what’s the “vajra pride”? How does it differ from the ordinary pride?

A: Many people when they think about the vajra pride, they think that “Ah, I have to hold into the identity of the vajra! I’m a Vajrakilaya! I’m a Hevajra! I’m a Vajrapani! I’m a, how do I say, I’m Manjushri! I’m Avalokiteshvara! I’m Chakrasamvara! Six-Armed Mahakala!” you know? So then they are very fixated to that, and they think that is a “vajra pride”.

But actually, the real definition of the vajra pride is simply: continuation of yourself visualizing and meditating with a sense of deity and chanting mantra with the body, speech and mind combined together at all times, with a gentle approach. That is a vajra pride. You know?

So overthinking about the deity does not make it vajra pride. Continuation with a sense of awareness of the deity, with a mantra once in a while, and reminding yourself with the meaning of impermanence, and the reflecting the beauty of the teachings of the Dharma, and then these are the true reflection of the vajra pride.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 6 February 2022 (49’ 50”)