Aug 08

Kalu Rinpoche | Stages in the Path of Illusion | What is the meaning of illusion (Part 2)

What is the meaning of illusion?

Like I said before, illusion, practicing illusion means practicing what are fixation. If you practice on your fixation, to decrease the fixation, you are ultimately practicing the path of illusion.

Because in order to overcome our fixation, we need to have a sense of lucid mind. In order to develop a lucid mind, we need to dissolve our rigid fixation. In order to dissolve the rigid fixation, we need to look into our life, our habit, our way of thinking, the perception of life, the goal in life, what we desire, our weakness, our attachment, all of these. And then if you go down little bit furthermore, then you go down to what you consume, how you live your life. And then if you are able to change from that foundation, and then all the others can change over time.

So the small change is very important from the beginning. It may not be impressive. But that is what is needed.


Kalu Rinpoche
Stages in the path of illusion – August 7, 2021
Teachings based on the Niguma’s Gyuma Lam Rim “sgyu ma lam rim” (Stages in the Path of Illusion)