Oct 10

Kalu Rinpoche | When the Dharma be Available Everywhere

Nowadays what happens is that, for people who want to learn Dharma, it’s available everywhere. But at the same time, because it is something that you don’t have to put any effort, and then people their arrogance and their ignorance takes over very fast. Because you never had to work hard on that. So, I think we have to understand that, even though that all the information about the Dharma is very easy to find, and yet when you are learning and when you are practicing, do it with the joy, do it with the present in mind, I think that it’s very important.Many people when they are starting the prayer, they are thinking about the mantra, when they reach mantra, then they are thinking about dedication, when they reached to the dedication prayer, and then they are already thinking about ‘Maybe I have realized some kind of special signs that I have recognized.’ And then you get yourself into some kind of stupid illusion. So that’s why, as I said, practicing Dharma with appreciation, with joy, and being present, is most important.I am not talking about the Mahamudra kind of being present, I’m talking about when we are doing the visualization practice or the Shamata practice, being present and being honesty to yourself are most important. Because many practitioners they are not honest to themselves. Including myself in the beginning. Because you would keep on telling yourself that ‘I’ve been doing this or that practice.’ Then you became proud and try to put yourself higher than other people just because you did this practice or you received that empowerment. But the most important is that our dharma practice has to keep ourselves humble and have more simplicity and wisdom at the same time. These are very important qualities that we have to keep within us.

So that’s why I would say it again that, not just practicing Dharma, but practicing Dharma with joy, with present mind, and with commitment. These are quite important.


With love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche 
Live talk Q&A on Facebook, 2ed, Sep. 2018