Jul 03

Kalu Rinpoche | Wisdom Dharma Chat – this is distraction (Q&A7)

Host: So things like this calming of activities, calming of the mind, almost like withdrawing in some way like a renunciation, is this that gives you access to this “subtle body and mind” that are already there but these come more present for you in this way of life, is that what you are saying Rinpoche ?

Kalu Rinpoche: I’m not a good practitioner [haha], just want to make very clear of that.

Yeah, if I die, okay there will be bardo little bit here and there. So, I will not be the individual who is instantly going to the next life, sort of individual.

The hard truth is that if you want to experiment the “subtle body” and the “subtle mind” and one’s own mind dedication to the Dharma and if you really seek that, you have to come to a conclusion that 99% is a distraction everything around you. Until that state of mind conclusion comes, “subtle body” is an imagination and fantasy land.

When the day and the moment comes “Oh this is distraction, Oh this is distraction, Oh this is distraction, that is distraction, this is distraction” and even you reach to the point that you even stop arguing that is a distraction but simply recognising it and abandoning it instantly and then being in that state of mind and then the “subtle body” and then the “nature of the mind” and the “illusory body and mind” is a possibility.


Wisdom Dharma Chat | Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – April 2024 (23′ 10”)
During this Wisdom Dharma Chat host Daniel Aitken and Rinpoche discuss his Wisdom Academy course Illusory Body and Mind, along with his new and upcoming Wisdom Academy course on Niguma’s dream yoga, and much more.