Nov 10

Kalu Rinpoche | You can recognize the nature of the mind (Part 2)

All the projection of thoughts that we currently experience, in this very moment, has already passed. But due to our attachment, due to our illusion, we are still having that attachment to everything that is momentarily passed along with the millions of moments and billions of moments that is already passed. Due to our ego, due to our ignorance, due to our illusion, we still have this idea in our head, with a big ego, and we still think “That is present”. But that actual present, moment, is already past along with the billions of moments. So that is some very basic understanding we need to have, in order to understand our ego, in order to understand our illusion.

Many of us we tend to grasp after what is illusion, where is illusion, we tend to run around and try to discover many things. But in order to discover the influence of the illusion, it is very simple: try to understand that all the moments, of this so called present, have already passed along with the billions and trillions of moments in this universe. It has already passed, it is no longer present. That very thing that you believe is present is your ego. It is your illusion that is saying “This is present. I want more. I will do whatever it takes to have it more. I need to have this longer, bigger. ”, and then due to that, then we create all the desire and attachment and suffering and harming others and harming ourselves as well.

So in order to understand the illusion, we have to understand the meaning of the present, not the meaning of present externally, but the meaning of present here, in this very moment. What is the definition of present? Examining yourself, understanding is very important. And then as you gradually establish that, then when you receive the teachings about the nature of your mind, it is very important to understand that and combine together as well. Because when you are told about recognizing the nature of the mind, you are told to recognize the present.


Kalu Rinpoche – “Recognizing the nature of the mind”
Paldenshangpa La Boulaye – ZOOM November 7, 2020