Jan 01

Kyungpo Naljor | Prayer of dedication – The Oral Seal

May the Buddhas, lords of Dharma who possess the three kayas and the ten Wisdoms, the Gurus and Yidams, Dakinis, Dharma protectors and others, all witness with kindness this dedication of merit.

In this and other lives, by all my meritorious deeds of body, speech and mind, for the sake of benefitting all living beings, may the emotional defilements become transformed into occasions for spiritual progress. May the appearances arising before my mind come under my control. May I attain the three kayas of Buddhahood. For my own sake, may I attain the Dharmakaya.

For as long as samsara is not emptied, may I achieve a great wave of good deeds for the sake of others. May I achieve this by means of the two form kayas, with vast enlightened activities for all sentient beings, having trained each one according to his or her own needs.

May those beings to be trained live in appropriate times for their spiritual growth. May I be skilled in means with regard to arranging auspicious circumstances. May all my connections with beings be meaningful. May the ocean of samsara become empty. May all attain the clear light of the Dharmakaya.

May I accomplish this dedication of merit just as the Buddhas of the past, present and future have dedicated merit. Until the attainment of Buddhahood, may I be born in good families, be free from illness, possess clear faculties, and may I conduct myself with morality and introspection.

May I be respected by all. May I fulfill all hopes and wishes. As long as I have not manifested enlightenment, may all harm from disease, evil spirits, harmful forces, humans, wild animals, demons and the four elements become completely pacified.

May my lifespan and merit increase. May my glory and wealth become vast. Then, may my renown equal the sky.

May all my activities of body, speech and mind become beneficial for sentient beings and may the ocean of samsara become empty; may I attain perfect enlightenment.


This prayer of dedication, known as the “Oral Seal” was composed by the great yogi Kyungpo Naljor.