Jun 08

Mahakala Blessing – a very strong connection (Part 4)

So with regard to the mandala, in front the tetrahedron [inverted 3- sided pyramid, wide at the top, pointed at the bottom], the source of phenomena [Chöjung] as it is called, appears. Outside of which is white, inside is red. It arises as bliss and has the nature of bliss. In it’s center there is a multicoloured four-petalled lotus, the upper part of which is one cubit high.

On it your Root Lama appears in the aspect of Vajradhara sitting on a sun, moon, and lotus seat, adorned with very precious ornaments, holding a vajra and bell crossed at his heart, he sits in the cross-legged vajra posture.

So since my childhood I had a very strong connection with Six-Armed Mahakala, I received the thirteen different permission “jenangs” of Mahakala from Tatar Rinpoche and also I received the blessings of Mahakala from my tutor Ling Rinpoche.