Jun 07

Mahakala Blessing – an unbroken lineage (Part 3)

It says here, to recount the story in particular when the glorious Shawaripa was practicing in the Cool Grove charnel ground. Mahakala appeared before him and taught him the sadhana or the method to perform the practice of Mahakala and so on. The reverent Vajrayogini, Avalokiteshvara and Tara also appeared before Shawaripa and told him the respective sadhana and so on. At that time, Shavaripa composed this method of practicing the Four Deities in a combined way and he passed it on to Maitripa.

Maitripa in turn passed it on to Khyungpo Naljor.
Mahasiddha Rahula had a vision of Four Deities and composed the sadhana and so on. In accordance with that vision, Mahasiddha Rahula also had a similar vision of the Four deities immediately after his birth from his mother. In Mahasiddha Rahula’s biography says “At the time of his delivery from his mother he had a vision similar to the present one. He saw Black kala or Mahakala, Lokeshvara Chenrezig, Dorje Naljorma, Vajrayogini and Green Tara, Tara Drolma.” So he had this vision. Rahula, the Mahasiddha had a vision of this Mahakala since his childhood.

Khyungpo Naljor received teachings from Rahula. It is also said he gave oral instructions on the Four Deities and bestowed the empowerment. He achieved realization by practicing for three months without distraction, consistently meditating on one session each before dawn and you will obtain supreme and common realizations. So these lines indicate that the fruits of practicing the Four Deities are quickly accomplished.

So now, please repeat this:

“I will not abandon your Lotus feet
and take refuge in other principal Deities.
Hero of all sentient beings, Oh great sage
Please grant me the supreme acumen,
Please grant me the supreme acumen,
Please grant me the supreme acumen”

Then generating the five Deities [including Guru Vajradhara it is 5] in preparation for taking the Bodhisattva vows.