Jan 01


Mokchokpa was born in Lhabu in the Shang Valley of Namling County in Western Tibet. In his youth, he studied many texts, including the Prajnaparamita. He received both maturing and liberating teachings from Lama Burgom Nakpo, a disciple of the lord Rechungpa and spent five years with him. Khyungpo Naljor told him that during a dream Amithabha Buddha said that I am to give you the instructions of the Shangpa one-to-one guru to disciples Transmission and Mokchokpa received all the Shangpa teachings and became the Shangpa lineage holder. After Khyungpo Naljor’s death, he spent two years in solitary meditation. He developed experiences and realization of Illusory Body Yoga, Dream Yoga and Clear Light Yoga. He met Gampopa to clarify his doubts with his practice and received all the Mahamudra Teachings and instructions. Mokchokpa had complete understanding of the Mahamudra precepts. He also received many teachings from Garpa. Mokchokpa stayed meditating in a mountain cave in the Mokchok area and had many visions then he built a monastery in Mokchok and gathered many disciples.

As Mokchokpa lay dying he sang a song to his disciples: “After this life I will go to the Eastern pure Land of Joy, Called Light Brilliance where I will attain enlightenment, and turn the wheel of Dharma. The Shangpa lineage will be continued by the great Wonton Kyergangpa himself an emanation of Avalokiteshvara. He will have a disciple of great renown, Sengye Nyenton Rigonpa, whose disciple will in turn continue the transmission and protect this lineage.”