Jan 01


Rigongpa was born to a family in Yol, was naturally inclined to the Dharma and sought at an early age to devote his life in benefiting others. He met his and stayed with him in Kyergang. Lama Kyergangpa transmitted all of the secret mantras to Rigongpa leaving nothing out. Lama Kyergangpa told Rigongpa about his past and future lives and advised Rigongpa to lead the life of a Secret Yogi, drinking beer, eating food offerings, wearing old rags and enjoying mixed company. Kyergangpa told him that Rigongpa that he would establish connections with many students and would have ten fully realized disciples who would hold his transmission and the relics of the Shangpa Lamas.

Rigongpa had visions of many Dakas and Dakinis, especially Sukhasiddhi from whom he received the four complete empowerments and the main points of secret practices. Rigongpa could see face-to-face many Deities including Six-Armed Mahakala, the special protector of the Shangpa Lineage. In his later years Rigongpa in his dreams traveled to Buddha Realms and granted empowerments. A few months later a Dakini appeared to him, Rigongpa asked “what is your name” I am Sukhasiddi which means Bliss-Accomplishment, bliss because my mind if filled with stainless wisdom. Accomplishment because one can accomplish the extraordinary Siddhis with in a year or month by praying to me The Dakini proceeded to grant the Four Complete Empowerments, the main points of practice and the supreme points on realizing the non duality of bliss and emptiness. Then Sukhasiddhi told Rigongpa, “Yogi since your body, speech and mind are liberated those who get empowerments from you will never again fall into the three lower realms”. Rigongpa benefited many disciples establishing them on the path to freedom and lived more than seventy years.