Dec 03

SANGYÉ TÖNPA | Encourages himself to be diligent

Protector of beings, Sangyé Tönpa, Tsöndru Sengé, received the single-disciple lineage of seven jewels that began with Buddha Vajra Bearer. The wisdom dakini foretold him to be the master who would untie the transmission’s vajra knot. His enlightened activity completely pervaded the universe, including worlds of the gods. Here he encourages himself to be diligent:

Spiritual master, Buddha,
Epitome of blessing and compassion, at your feet I bow.

My body and mind are feeble in diligence and strong in doubts—
To them I give this advice:

I see that you’ve become distracted
In this short life’s endless affairs.
Great meditator, I advise you to distract yourself
With the business of eternity, meditation practice.

If you don’t use devotion to draw the master’s compassion
From the clouds of his blessings,
Experience and realization’s rains will never fall:
Great meditator, I advise you to pray.