Jan 10

Kalu Rinpoche | Series of interview 05 | Do Not Lose the Purpose

Many comment that you are a handsome teacher
and very modern style of teaching
What do you think about this?

From my side
I am a reincarnation of Kalu Rinpoche
as recognized by guru Vajradhara Situ Rinpoche
but even then
I never tell myself that
‘Oh, I am Kalu Rinpoche’
with such great pride
I always feel that
I had this great privilege
this great opportunity and fortunate
But the moment when I tell myself that
‘Oh, I am Kalu Rinpoche’
‘I am unique, I am so special’
then I’m lost
I lost my purpose of myself
therefore that is the highest way I think of
And then also, people say that
‘Oh I’m this, I’m that’
I don’t find it’s so important
If they are attracted to me
and if they find the Dharma on the way
then it served that purpose
Other than that
you wait for a few more years
then I will look completely different
So therefore nothing is permanent
The third one is
that I teach very modern
There is nothing modern about
because there is only truth
about the Lord Buddha’s teaching
the teachings of my guru
that I introduce to the people or individual
who are interested in the Buddha Dharma
So that’s it
Of course, I don’t teach people
‘Oh this is the meaning of life’
‘this is samsara, this is life in there’
and ‘Oh you have to have devotion’
‘to your master, to your guru’
‘24 hours’
‘You can not lost your vow all the time at all’
‘You can not have any negative view to your guru at all’
‘you must always have devotion’
Of course I don’t explain about these things
Because the problem is that
when you explain everything to the students
and then telling them to be perfect
then they lost their purpose
The person who taught lost the purpose
the person who listen to these
also lost their purpose in that moment
Because if you are saying that you are practitioner
and making everything perfect
then there is no need to call yourself practitioner
you are already enlightened
because you make everything perfect
When you are practicing
you always make mistake
Not mistake with wild thoughts,
not with wild actions
with a little bit of self-awareness is always needed
as a practitioner
we make mistake
we make terrible mistake in our lifetime
But minimizing it
and having a sense of self-awareness
it is important
Therefore I tell my students
not to be perfect
but to be meaningful to themselves
and meaningful to others
I find that very important
So I try my best to sound attractive
so that they could be reconnecting with the Dharma
I’m not trying to give them the pressure
Not trying to tell them
‘Oh you need to finish 100,000 mantra of this or that’
I try to tell them
‘ Oh, if you really want to learn the Buddha Dharma’
‘ then just try to focus on your quality’
and so on
That’s what I have been doing
That’s not really something modern about


Love and Respect from Kalu Rinpoche
Jul. 2018