Oct 19

Six-Armed Mahakala Retreat – January 26-30, 2019 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

26th, Jan. – 30th, Jan. 2019 – Thailand

At the devoted request of the Asian students, H.E Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche will come back to Asia at the end of the Tibetan lunar year, and lead a Five-days Six-armed Mahakala retreat in Thailand, Asia. Rinpoche will bestow the Six-armed Mahakala empowerment at the beginning of the retreat, and teach details of the visualization in depth afterwards. We will also make 100,000 Tsok offering to Six-armed Mahakala together. In response to the students’ request, Rinpoche will also give Mahamudra meditation teachings every day during the retreat.


Six-Armed Mahakala Retreat in Asia led by H.E Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche

Mahakala is a commonly practiced and respected wisdom dharma protector among all Tibetan Buddhism schools and also the primary representative of all male dharma protectors. Six-armed Mahakala is the wrathful embodiment of the Thousand-arms-and-eyes Avalokiteshvara and also the most supreme dharma protector in the Shangpa Kagyu lineage. Relying on the compassionate blessings from Six-armed Mahakala, practitioners are able to quickly eliminate obstacles in the spiritual path, accumulate virtues and wisdom and achieve the perfect enlightenment.