Apr 14

Six-Armed Mahakala Worldwide Practice

Dear Dharma friends,

I would like to lead a worldwide practice on the recitation of the Six-Armed Mahakala mantras since today, till accumulate 100 millions mantras together. All the merits accumulated from this practice would be dedicated to the prosperity of the Buddha Dharma, to the longevity of all the great masters, to the harmony and wisdom and truthfulness of the worldwide sanghas, and to the liberation of all the sentient beings from the illusion of samsara.

Mahakala is a pure emanation of Avalokiteshvara in order to benefit all beings. His practice originates from the great Mahasiddha Shawaripa and was carried to Tibet by Khyungpo Naljor. It has been passed down through an unbroken lineage until the present. The great Taranatha, a lineage holder of this practice refined the texts and practices. Because there are misconceptions of the protector as someone guarding the front door and the deities are in the middle of the temple, while the root guru and the Buddha are forgotten on the side. But the essence of this Mahakala practice in the lineage of Taranatha is combining the protector with the deity and guru yoga practice. That has been the essence of this practice.

It is important for us to see the protector, deity, and guru as inseparable, not through visualization but through the state and quality of your mind. One should practice this wholeheartedly without any doubt. On the special days of the Lunar month one should try to make small offerings to Mahakala.

I have received the full empowerments of this lineage from my masters. And I wrote a short text this time for our daily practice. This small text is in keeping with that lineage of Taranatha’s works, and carries the same meaning and blessings.

This practice is only open to people who have received the Six-Armed Mahakala empowerment. If you would like to join us, firstly please make sure that you have received the empowerments needed, and then mail to mahakala@shangpakagyu.org for the text. As you accumulate repetitions of the mantra, please also mail your accumulated number to us. We will keep track until 100 millions are accumulated.

With love and respect

from your Kalu Rinpoche

14th, Apr. 2018

Dedication Prayer

We dedicate all the merits to:
world peace and  happiness,
and the longevity and prosperity of Dharma,
with no obstacles and miseries,
and all the sentient beings reach the pure land.