Jul 24

SUKASIDDHI | The wisdom dakini

The wisdom dakini known as Sukasiddhi received full empowerment into a sacred circle emanated by the illustrious master Virupa and in one night reached awakening’s eighth stage. She then met Buddha Vajra Bearer and became inseparable from the Honored Buddha Selfless One. She sang this song to bestow the essential instructions on her fortunate disciples:

Disengaged from the six senses’ domains,
Not thinking is the path of transcendence.
The absolute expanse has no concepts.
Freedom from mental activity is Great Seal.

Don’t meditate! Don’t meditate! Don’t meditate with the mind!
The mind’s meditation amounts to deluded thoughts.
Thoughts bind you to cyclic existence.
With release from the mind, there is no meditation.

In space, emptiness without awareness,
Tame the root of the mind endowed with awareness.
Tame its root and relax.