Nov 26

The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Yoga

Q: When will you be in London to give a talk? Is there a possibility that you can give a public talk in London?

A: In London, I will be coming to London on the 18th, 19th, 20th.
18th, 19th, 20th I will be there to give a talk and basically it’s a free event and I’m going to teach the Niguma yoga and I have discussed that with Dr Desmond [President of The Buddhist Society] and members before the session started.

The reason why I promoted this Niguma yoga is because, due to the pandemic, people either drink too much or think too much. People sit in front of the computer and they do lots of Zoom meetings and they receive so many teachings, overwhelming you know? Little bit like a ring bell right next to their ears, and when there’s too much information or when there’s completely distorted in their own emotions.

So therefore, I find it very important to promote this Niguma yoga. Basically it’s a physical movement. There’s 27 posture of the Niguma yoga movement that she initiated 1 000 years ago. She’s an Indian lady born in a Brahmin caste family and she was the elder sister of Naropa. Naropa started the ན་རོ་ཆོས་དྲུག་ naro chö druk [Six Yogas of Naropa]. And his elder sister started the Six Yogas of Niguma as well as the Five gser chos sde [Five Golden Dharmas] of Niguma as well.

So therefore, in the Three Years Retreat, I found the yoga very very helpful to my health, to my mind. And also since the beginning of April, May, June of this year, I’ve been doing yoga every day. Sometimes 5 sessions a day, sometimes 6 sessions a day, sometimes 3 sessions. So every day, I’ve been doing, and then it has been very helpful to my mind, to my body, because I find that the yoga is the middle ground, where you can bring the people from both sides, the traditional Buddhist practitioners, and the people who are curious about Buddhism, and also who are looking forward to connecting with the body and mind.

Because when you do a yoga, especially Niguma yoga, you are bringing the air within the body. And trying to develop some sort of a foundation so you can have more clarity in your mind and recognizing the negative air, recognizing the positive air, ultimately being able to experience a pure bliss, and then breaking through that pure bliss, and recognizing the nature of mind.

So that is a foundation of the Niguma yoga, one of the first foundation of the Niguma yoga. And I find it very very helpful, and therefore I made it free. And also in Canada, and soon we are going to do it in India. But the reason why I want to do it for free, is because, nowadays there are so many Buddhist organizations and putting a different brand, and then taking money from the people, more than what is needed, and I just don’t want to be part of that image about the Buddhism. Especially when it comes to Niguma yoga, I want to make it free as possible, so that everybody can join and practice regardless of different age.


The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (75′)
Zoom Meeting – November 24, 2021